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“Nyukani is not just a school” Dr. Mabunda

The world around us is changing very fast.  That means we also have to think differently about education and how we prepare our children for the future.

Nyukani is not just a school.  Our aim is not just to pass.  Our goal is to develop global citizens who will change society. Our vision is to change society.


Nyukani recognised as greatest in circuit

Our Top 5 learners for Term 1 in Grade...

High school awards for Term 1

High school Awards The high school awards for the...

Nyukani Primary Awards Term 1

 As part of our tradition of recognising great work...

Olympiad Season now Open

REGISTRATIONS OPEN 11 March 2022! Grade 11 learners write...

Excitement as educational Trips commence

Our learners and educators were excited to hear that...

Weekly Newsletter 26/02/2019

News   Weekly Newsletter 26/02/2019        ...

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