1. The restructuring process NEC Giyani embarked on from 07 November 2019 has been successfully completed with the following outcomes:
    1. NEC Giyani has been redesigned and rationalised into a smaller sustainable school with a reduced staff complement suited for the school’s lower enrolment.
    2. New leadership and management structures have been installed:
      1. Dr Tirhani Mabunda has been appointed as the Acting Principal/Head and tasked to stabilize the leadership and management of the school in the interim.
      2. Mr Jainos Titchwara has been appointed as the Deputy Principal/Head for the High School.
      3. Mrs Magdeline Hlokwa has been appointed as the Deputy Principal/Head for the Primary School.
      4. A capable School Management Team (SMT) has been constituted to cater for all the subject streams and extra-curricular activities offered at the school.
      5. Mr Anthony De Boer has been retained as a pedagogy consultant not only for NEC Giyani, but for the future rollout of NEC Schools in other areas.
  2. The redesigned and rationalised NEC Giyani is re-aligned and refocused towards the achievement of the school’s ambitious vision; namely: “To change society” by delivering high-quality education capable of producing holistic learners not only equipped with academic knowledge, but also adept at using the soft skills of what we call the 4Cs+P&S (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving and Systems Thinking).
  3. The founders of NEC Giyani remain committed to the pursuit of the school’s purpose of providing low-cost, high-quality education in rural areas summed up in the school’s Manifesto which reads as follows: “Nyukani is not just a school. We have never been just a school. We are not about academic (Matric/Grade 12) results either. We have never been just about academic results. We are change agents determined to make a meaningful intervention and impact in society”.
  4. The Board of NEC Giyani would like to thank the support of all stakeholders, particularly the parents who have held steadfast to the vision of the school, even during difficult times over the past few years. We apologise for not implementing the vision of the school successfully over the past few years but be rest assured that we will stop at nothing to make tough decisions and invest in providing your children with the best education.
  5. Once more, the Board of NEC Giyani appreciates the difficulties and inconvenience the decision to reorganise, restructure and rationalize NEC Giyani has caused to its multiple stakeholders, including parents, staff (teachers, administration and support), learners and the community at large. Although NEC Giyani conducted the process of reorganizing, restructuring and rationalizing the school in a responsible manner with utmost fairness and humanness, we regret that retrenchments were inevitable. We sympathise with the staff members who lost their jobs and wish them well in their future endeavours.
  6. Please note that 2020 admissions are open for enrolment into Grade 000 – Grade 11.
  7. The routes for NEC Giyani’s dedicated scholar transport service will be re-designed early in 2020 in line with the enrolment patterns. A dedicate bus with distinct branding and personalized support will be deployed for the pre-school and lower grades in 2020.
  8. The tuck-shop has been outsourced to achieve a focused and specialised nutrient service to NEC Giyani learners and staff in 2020.
  9. For more information about 2020 admissions, contact Mr Vutivi Elvis Sambo (Registrar) on 0797064382 or
  10. For more information about this media release, contact Ms Phathiswa Sefatsa (Director of NEC Giyani Board) on 0828838470 or
  11. Visit NEC Giyani at Homu 14B to learn more about the school.

From the Chairperson

Nyukani Education Centre Giyani (Nyukani Giyani) is the latest addition to Tirhani Group Holdings’ (TGH) diverse portfolio of interests including auctioneering, aviation, construction, education, funeral insurance, funeral services, logistics, properties, research, resources, technologies, training and skills development…

From the Executive Head

South Africa is a country brimming with potential. Not only do we have a wealth of natural and mineral resources to grow our economy on, we also have astounding and abundant human resources. Sadly, as a country, we have not yet been able to fully grow and develop the vast human potential that lies largely dormant. The reason for this disappointing reality can be found in a public education system that has largely failed to provide young South Africans an education that will unlock the many opportunities that exist in our young democracy’s economy.

ISASA Membership

Nyukani is a member of the ISASA group of Independent schools with effect from the 1st of October 2016.