From the Chairperson

Nyukani Education Centre Giyani (Nyukani Giyani) is the latest addition to Tirhani Group Holdings’ (TGH) diverse portfolio of interests including auctioneering, aviation, construction, education, funeral insurance, funeral services, logistics, properties, research, resources, technologies, training and skills development…

From the Executive Head

South Africa is a country brimming with potential. Not only do we have a wealth of natural and mineral resources to grow our economy on, we also have astounding and abundant human resources. Sadly, as a country, we have not yet been able to fully grow and develop the vast human potential that lies largely dormant. The reason for this disappointing reality can be found in a public education system that has largely failed to provide young South Africans an education that will unlock the many opportunities that exist in our young democracy’s economy.

ISASA Membership

Nyukani is a member of the ISASA group of Independent schools with effect from the 1st of October 2016.