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Our vision is to change society. Our mission is to develop global citizens.

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First we build a strong foundation for our learners

In the primary school, our objective is to lay a strong foundation for independent learning.  Similarly, all our learners are equipped with their own device with connectivity and a bouquet of amazing educational content.  We have adopted a new way of teaching called the flipped classroom; the teaching happens at home through their devices, and the homework is done at school under the guidance and mentorship of their teacher. 

We are teaching our learners to love learning independently, to do their own research and become familiar with the process of acquiring knowledge on their own.  At the same time, our teachers are always there to support and mentor them through the curriculum and life as a whole. 

 Every day, our educators either pre-record their lesson or find content that they share with learners before they come to class.  Our learners use their time at home or while commuting to watch the videos and get additional educational content using their tablets.  Then when they come to class, they work on exercises or interact with other learners and their teachers to resolve more difficult topics. 

This new way of teaching is called the flipped classroom because the teaching happens at home or wherever the learner might be through their devices, and the homework is done at school under the guidance and mentorship of their teacher.  Gone are the days when parents were burdened with helping their children with homework, especially after a long day at work. 

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Meet the Primary School Team

Principal, Jainos Ticharwa 1

Mr Jainos Ticharwa

Mapula Ledwaba

Ms Mapula Ledwaba

Dean Academics Primary School
Ms Farirayi Rundare, Primary School

Ms Farirayi Rundare

HOD Learner Affairs Primary School
Ms Sharai Chifodya, Primary School

Ms Sharai Chifodya

HOD Foundation Phase
Mr Kenias Gezani Phahlela, Primary School

Mr Kenias “Gezani” Phahlela

HOD Sports and Events Primary School
Ms Shahinabanu Patel, Primary

Ms Shahinabanu Patel

HOD Intermediate Phase
Solomon Gwede

Mr Solomon Gwede

Maths Teacher
Ms Tamary Mhuka, Primary School

Ms Tamary Mhuka

Intermediate Phase Maths Educator
Gladys Simango

Ms Gladys Simango

Primary School Teacher
Ms Florence Phiri, Primary School

Ms Florence Phiri

Intermediate Phase English Teacher

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