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Our vision is to change society. Our mission is to develop global citizens.

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We are developing global citizens

At our high school, we are preparing learners to become global citizens.  The world is changing very fast.  Many of the products we use today, such as our phones and the internet, are driven by technology that was developed by people in other countries.  Many jobs that exist today are becoming extinct because machines are learning how to do them better than us.  Even the next generation of jobs, such as developing software, running a store, or managing projects will be performed online or heavily influenced by technology.  That means in future, our children will be competing with people from across the world, and not just their neighbours.  

Therefore, we must go beyond the classroom.  Yes, we ensure that our leaners are academically capable. But more than that, our learners participate in online clubs where they form relationships with their peers from across the world.  Our trips and excursions are designed to develop critical thinking, leadership, and creative problem-solving skills.  Even on campus, our sports and cultural activities are designed to instil values such as respect, empathy, and hard work.   

Overall, we do not know what the future holds.  Therefore, it is our duty to develop the whole learner, not just their academic skills.  That way, even when the world changes, and it will, they will have the right instincts to adapt, thrive and create a positive impact in society  

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Meet the High School Team

Mr John Mudzongo, High School 1

Mr John Mudzongo

HOD Mathematics
Mr Francis Maume, HOD Pastoral Affairs 1

Mr Francis Maume

Dean- Pastoral Affairs
Mr Phillip Zhou, High School 1

Mr Phillip Zhou

HOD Humanities
Mr Phillip Zhou, High School 1

Mr Phillip Zhou

HOD Humanities
Mr Kudzai Kamujariwa, High School 1

Mr Kudzai Kamujariwa

Maths and Physical Science Educator
Mr Simba Mawoyo, High School 1

Mr Simba Mawoyo

EGD Technology, and Life Orientation Educator
Mr Silence Chigodora High School 1

Mr Silence Chigodora

Life Sciences and Physical Sciences Educator
Mr Munyaradzi Mupomwi, High School 1

Mr Munyaradzi Mupomwi

English Teacher
Ms Mildred Ncube

Mrs Mildred Ncube

Dean Academics High School

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