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We preserve talent and encourage spontaneously learning through designed play

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All our children are born with special talents.

Nyukani Junior ® is our pre-school that admits learners in grades 000 up to Grade R.  Our philosophy in the pre-school is that every child is different.  We are endowed by our creator certain talents and strengths; our duty as a school is to help our children discover and nurture them.  Our role at Nyukani is to help your child develop confidence no matter what their strengths and talents are. 

When your child is enrolled at Nyukani, first they will receive their tablet, which is full of amazing content, videos and apps to help them read, write and develop their command of language.  Then they will meet their energetic educators who are trained to discern and discover their special talents.  When they arrive at school, they will be introduced to a large variety of activities, from gardening, painting, cooking, reading, singing, and playing – all of which are designed to develop their senses, curiosity and confidence. 

Active Learning

We have specially designed programmes where learners play and learn about important life lessons at the same time.


All our children have a personal tablet which they use at school and at home to get access to the world and broaden their minds beyond the classroom.

After Care

From 2022, parents do not have to worry about making sure someone is at home. We will take care of our little ones until 4:30pm

Computer Training

We are among the few pre-schools that introduced Computer and Applications Technology (CAT) to help our children thrive in the digital world.

Scholar Transport

From 2022, pre-school learners will have their own, dedicated scholar transport to make sure they commute safely every day.


Our pre-school teachers are not just teachers, they are specialists. They are trained to understand and attend to the smallest nuances in childhood development

Meet the Pre School Team

Ms Shahina Patel
Mapula Ledwaba

Ms Mapula Ledwaba

Dean Academics Primary School

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