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Our vision is to change society.

Exceptional Educators

Meet Our Founder

Our vision to change society is only the beginning.

“When you build a house, you build it for yourself.  But when you build a school, you build it for the community.  If you can be a vessel to also help other people, for me, that is the greatest thing that can ever happen.”

Dr Tirhani Mabunda,
Founder & Chairperson

Our Philosophy

Our vision to change society is only the beginning.

Brief Introduction

Nyukani is an independent (private) fee-paying school that is based in section A in Giyani.  Our school is actually three schools:  pre-school, primary and high school.  We offer innovative educational opportunities for learners from Grade R to Matric. 

Our Values

At the core, Nyukani is not just a school.  We believe quality education is the ultimate equaliser.  No matter where you come from, education, hard work and collaboration can change where you end up and the extent that you make an impact in society.

Our Mission

The world has become a village.  The way we work, the people we have access to and the information at our disposal is all within our fingertips, and that has far-reaching implications about how we should support and develop our learners.

The jobs that exist today will likely become extinct in the near future. The people we work and compete with are likely to come from other countries and cultures.

Therefore, if we are to truly change society, we must turn our sights towards developing global citizens.  Future leaders who will participate confidently on the world stage.

Our Strengths

At Nyukani we are blessed with exceptional educators with a broad range of skills beyond just teaching.  Our educators are committed to challenging the status quo of education, particularly in rural areas.  

Nyukani is also endowed with world-class infrastructure, both in physical and e-learning facilities.  This makes it possible for Nyukani to offer a comprehensive and rich learning experience that develops all aspects of a child and literally goes beyond the classroom.

Above all, our greatest asset is our vision and commitment to changing society.

What Makes a Nyukanite?

A Nyukanite is not just a teacher, a learner or a parent.  A Nyukanite truly believes that quality education, hard work and collaboration are the pillars for creating rich and meaningful lives.   

Completing the academic curriculum is just one of many aspects of our school.  Innovating, thinking outside the box, enjoying our cultures, living passionately and fully – these for a greater part of what it means to be a Nyukanite.


What we stand for


  • White shield with black boundaries
  • Tree with green leaves, brown trunk and deep brown roots penetrating the earth/ground
  • Scroll at the bottom of the shield with gold lining
  • Motto inside the scroll written in Latin: “Laborare Florere”, translating literally to “Work Hard and Flourish” in English
  • Half open book on the one side, and iPad on the other side on top of the shield with gold lining on the edges
  • A pen and stylus crossing on top of the half-open book and iPad
  • A bee hovering over the half-open book and iPad
  • Two silver foxes standing on both sides of the shield


  • “White/Silver” means cleanliness and purity
  • “Green” means growth and hope
  • “Brown” means strength and endurance
  • “Gold” means prosperity and abundance
  • “Black” means power and authority


  • “Tree” symbolizes new life sprouting out of the fertile soil
  • “Roots” symbolizes the source of life and stability
  • “Fox” symbolizes wisdom and wit
  • “Bee” symbolizes a sign of industriousness and creativity
  • “Book and iPad” symbolizes the source of knowledge
  • “Pen/Stylus” symbolizes the art of writing

Meet Our Management Team

vusi pic

Mr Vusi Sindane

Executive Director

Mr Wellington Banda

Head of Finance
Mr John Mudzongo, High School 1

Mr John Mudzongo

HOD Mathematics
Mr Francis Maume, HOD Pastoral Affairs 1

Mr Francis Maume

Dean- Pastoral Affairs
Mr Phillip Zhou, High School 1

Mr Phillip Zhou

HOD Humanities
Mapula Ledwaba

Ms Mapula Ledwaba

Dean Academics Primary School
Ms Farirayi Rundare, Primary School

Ms Farirayi Rundare

HOD Learner Affairs Primary School
Ms Sharai Chifodya, Primary School

Ms Sharai Chifodya

HOD Foundation Phase
Ms Shahinabanu Patel, Primary

Ms Shahinabanu Patel

HOD Intermediate Phase
Ms Tryphosa Nokeri, High School 1

Ms Tryphosa Nokeri

Geography and Life Orientation Educator
Mr Silence Chigodora High School 1

Mr Silence Chigodora

Life Sciences and Physical Sciences Educator

Nyukani Non-Teaching and Support Staff

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