Nyukani Learners make organic cheese on educational excursion

The Grade 10-12 Agricultural Sciences and Life Science learners were delighted to have the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Wegraakbosch Organic Cheese Farm in Haenertsburg, Tzaneen, recently. The farm, which is fully accredited by the Department of Education for CAPS curriculum, is the go-to place for all Agric and Life Science learners. On the farm, our learners actively experienced the practical demonstrations of theoretical lessons they had experienced in class. Learners had the opportunity of observing organic farming at its best by watching and assisting a cow being artificially inseminated, in the making of organic yoghurt and cheese, and had the opportunity to feed and pet the sweetest newborn calves and piglets. Best of all, they saw firsthand the alimentary canal of ruminants of a slaughtered pig. “Agriculture is the greatest contributor to the GDP of South Africa. The skills gained in Agric will enable future generations to survive even in a jobless society,” Agricultural Sciences Educator, Mr Francis Maume said.

Nyukani has always had yearly calendars filled with stimulating and adventurous school trips. Over the past few years, those trips were meticulously planned accordingly to allow all grades to go on an excursion that is relevant and aligned to an area of learning in their curriculum.

From the little Junior Nyukanites going on a trip to the dentist and the fire station, to the Grade 11s and 12s going with their peers to open days at far off universities in further provinces, the excitement and planning level would be equally matched. Our learners have benefitted from vital life lessons and sharing memorable experiences with their peers, and the increased confidence of having gone out there and experienced life outside of the loving cocoons of their families.

One of the saddest effects of our learners being part of the global pandemic, has been the cancellation of these highly anticipated annual trips- a highlight to our learners’ learning.

 “It’s easier to forget theoretical concepts than concrete, practical material. Nyukani Educational Centre strives to expose learners to experiential learning as much as possible,” Maume concluded.


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