Nyukani kids all have tablets

“Nyukani kids all have tablets!”- is the buzzword around town. Indeed, walking around our school premises and classrooms, you will notice our learners walking around in brightly-covered tablets. That’s because at the beginning of the year, the executive of the school took the bold move to fully move our school towards e-learning. Through a combination of excellent visionary, planning and execution, our school, situated in the rural community of Giyani’s Homu 14B village is leading in online and blended education in less than a year of implementing e-learning.

Through our devices and systems that we’ve adopted to teach, our academic year and our learning has not been negatively affected by the uncertainties of being stuck in a global pandemic. We have not wasted a day that was scheduled on our calendars as a learning year. Our learners learn seamlessly at home, as easily as they do at school. We have employed a model called the Flipped Classroom. Our learners of all ages learn at home through videos and prepared lessons and a data package with data to last a month. They research further independently and at school, engage in robust discussions and interaction with their educators and peers, and with a clearer understanding, are able to do their work effectively. Nyukani Education Centre, has always been a state of the art school with enviable infrastructure. As a school, we do not take it for granted that our learners are privileged to learn at our beautiful school. Besides the buildings and the resources, we have passionate and dedicated educators and management that deliberately teach our learners by design and not by chance.

As an independent school, we are fully guided by the CAPS curriculum, however, we see CAPS as the bare minimum guideline, as we constantly research and borrow from other learning systems to raise the bar. This is to ensure that we produce quality learners and global citizens with all-round training and learning to compete on a global scale.


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