Weekly Newsletter 30/07/2018

In this newsletter:
  1. Grade 12s Invited to Farewell
  2. Provincial Astro-quiz Competition
  3. Uniforms for Our Transport Debaters
  4. Growing Creativity

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1) Grade 12s Invited to Farewell
Our Grade 12s were treated to a surprise on Friday morning at the High School assembly: the Grade 1 learners from the Primary School came across to present the Grade 12ss with their Grade 12 Farewell Function invitations. The Grade 12s were very pleased to receive their invitations and the Grade 1s can look forward to the same when they reach Grade 12 in eleven years time.

2) Provincial Astro-quiz Competition
On Friday 27 July our Primary School Astro-quiz team travelled to the University of Limpopo to take part in the provincial finals of the competition. Our youngsters competed very strongly against the high quality opposition. Throughout the event our Nyukani team were neck and neck with the other top teams. Sadly when it came to the final stages of the competition our youngsters were just not good enough and so they did not make it into the top three in the province. We congratulate our young team for representing our school excellently and this high quality event.

3) Uniforms for Our Transport Debaters
In a few weeks’ time two of our High School learners will be representing our school and the District at the Limpopo Transport Debate. Lulama Makhubela and Hlamarisa Ndleve were presented with blazers, golf shirts and tracksuits at the High School assembly on Friday 27 July. The uniform they received boasts the Limpopo Department of Transport insignia and was fully sponsored by the department. We are very proud of these two young ladies and we wish them every success when they take part at the provincial competition later this term.

4) Growing Creativity
One of the critical attributes or skills needed by young people to be successful in the 21st Century is creativity. It is predicted that many of the jobs that exist today will in future be done by computers and robots with artificial intelligence (AI). Computers can be used to do many things, but being creative is not one of them. It is therefore likely that job opportunities of the future will require people who have the ability to think and act creatively. This young class used hand prints and paint to create colourful parrots as part of their creativity class. They certainly look very proud of their work.

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