Weekly Newsletter 13/08/2018

In this newsletter:
  1. Shooting For The Stars!
  2. Representing NEC At District Debate
  3. Developing Positive Habits
  4. Thank You For The Books!

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1) Shooting For The Stars!
Our Grade 7 Astro Quiz team participated in the second round of the quiz this past week. In the first round our team managed a second place at the circuit cluster level. In this second round of the competition at which schools from the entire district competed our youngsters again achieved a second place with 83%. This achievement means that they qualify to take part in the provincial Astro Quiz against the best teams in Limpopo. To qualify for the national competition the team will have to win at provincial level. Congratulations!

2) Representing NEC At District Debate
On Saturday 2 June five learners from Nyukani will be participating in a debating competition organised by the Department of Roads and Transport. The Debate Team will be competing in this, the district level of the competition at a venue just outside Tzaneen. The purpose of the competition is to raise awareness about road safety amongst the youth of our province. We wish our young debaters every success as they take on learners from the other qualifying schools.

3) Developing Positive Habits
One of the many tasks educators take on is to develop positive behavioural habits in their learners. Many of the positive behaviours that we expect from responsible adults are taught and learned. Regular repetition with positive reinforcement is essential to develop the habits of positive behaviour. Taking care of our environment is a critical responsibility that many adults fail to learn during their childhood. We believe it is essential for our young people to take responsibility for the natural environment and so regular litter sweeps are done to instil this responsibility.

4) Thank You For The Books!
Over the past few months Mrs Sue de Boer has managed to get a large number of books donated to Nyukani from a variety of sources. One of the significant donations, which was received recently, came from the Hoedspruit Rotary Club. The books from Rotary were ideal for our Primary School. Reading boxes were set up for all the classes in the Primary School so that children can sign out books to read. Every few weeks the reading boxes are rotated so that children have access to new books to read. If you are able to donate appropriate books, whether fiction or non-fiction, please contact Mrs Sue de Boer at school.


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