Weekly Newsletter 13/08/2018

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  1. Happy Mothers’ Day!
  2. Learning Science Through Experimentation
  3. All Thrilled With New Kits & Equipment
  4. Developing A Growth Mindset

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1) Happy Mothers’ Day!
There was great excitement at school on Friday as children prepared cards and gifts for their mommies. In the Primary School assembly all the lady teachers received a special Mothers’ Day gift from the children. Our youngsters stood up in the assembly and explained what is special about their beloved mommy. In the High School assembly a number of learners read beautiful poems about their moms in English, Xitsonga and Sepedi.

2) Learning Science Through Experimentation
Our Grade 12 physical science learners conducted experiments on acidbase titration. This analytical technique is used to analyse the composition of Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda), a base used in the manufacture of soaps and detergents, using standard oxalic acid. Such Opportunities bring a tough academic subject, like physical science, to life and makes the learning authentic and meaningful.

3) All Thrilled With New Kits & Equipment
Earlier this week a range of resources were delivered to Nyukani. The new U15 and U19 soccer kits brought wide smiles to the faces of our soccer boys. Our chess players got fully involved using the new chess sets provided. In addition to the kits and chess sets, new soccer, basketball, netball, volleyball, cricket and tennis balls were supplied. We look forward to our learners developing their skills.

4) Developing A Growth Mindset
Five of our senior academic staff travelled to Kingsmead College in Johannesburg to attend an ISASA sponsored workshop on developing a Growth Mindset approach in schools. The leading international expert on the topic, James Anderson, presented the day-long workshop to close to forty participating schools. Our teachers are very enthusiastic about what they learnt and are looking forward to sharing their newfound knowledge with their colleagues in the weeks ahead.

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