Weekly Newsletter 09/06/2018

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  1. Mid-year Examinations Continue
  2. Laying the Foundations for High Order Cognitive Development
  3. Practical Learning to Develop Concrete Concepts
  4. Creative Fun With Veggies!

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1) Mid-year Examinations Continue
All our FET Phase learners (Grades 10, 11 & 12) are writing a combination of Provincial, District and school based examinations for this mid-year assessment session. All our other learners are writing examinations that have been set by our educators at Nyukani and moderated by the subject advisors. Our aim at Nyukani is to ensure that all our assessments are strongly focused on assessing specific cognitive skills rather than the memorisation of content and processes alone. We know that our learners need to develop a wide variety of cognitive skills to succeed after school.

2) Laying the Foundations for High Order Cognitive Development
Reading is the foundation to successful learning so developing strong reading skills must enjoy the highest priority. Research shows that the single most important factor in determining future academic success is being read to as a child. Here, our Grade R class is picture reading as a preliminary step in the process of learning to read. Moms and Dads, read to your children as often as you can. It will make the world of difference to their cognitive development and ultimately to their academic success at school and beyond.

3) Practical Learning to Develop Concrete Concepts
Sequencing, identifying patterns and being able to replicate patterns and designs are all very important skills to learn as a young child. Our learners learn these foundational skills in a concrete, practical way before they move on to developing an abstract understanding of the concepts. Here our Grade R class is making patterns with match sticks and having a great time doing it as well. To develop strong mathematical and reading skills it is absolutely vital that children are taught concepts in a practical way. Abstract conceptual development then follows easily.

4) Creative Fun With Veggies!
Who would have thought vegetables could be the source of such creativity! Our Gr.3 class used vegetables to print interesting, colourful patterns on paper. Judging by the wide variety of wonderful designs created by the children there certainly is no lack of imagination in this group of enthusiastic young learners. Creativity is one of the critical skills identified as being necessary to succeed in a 21st Century world that is becoming ever more complex. We must strive to constantly develop creativity in our children.

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