Weekly Newsletter 02/05/2018

In this newsletter:
  1. Celebrating Freedom Day
  2. Practical Learning
  3. Architects and Engineers of the Future
  4. The Art of Learning!

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1) Celebrating Freedom Day
The staff at Nyukani got into the spirit of Freedom Day by dressing up according to the theme “Proudly South African” on Thursday 26 April. They certainly make a very bright and colourful picture.

2) Practical Learning
These two photographs are an indication of the practical learning that happens at Nyukani. On the left a Grade 9 Natural Science class is learning about acids and bases while on the right a Life Sciences class is doing a dissection to learn more about anatomy.

3) Architects and Engineers of the Future
In addition to Physical Science and Mathematics, Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD) gives learners an excellent grounding if they intend pursuing a career in Engineering or Architecture. In the photograph our Grade 12 EGD class can be seen tackling their technical drawing class with determination. During the course of the year the class will do both civil and mechanical drawing as part of their Grade 12 EGD course. Keep up the good work!!

4) The Art of Learning
Our Grade 3s were very excited to show off their colourful paper weaving art works. The children develop their fine motor skills by cutting strips of coloured paper and then weaving the strips into a sheet that has also been cut into strips. The exercise is fun and creative and results in a sense of achievement when done.

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