Weekly Newsletter 26/08/2019

In this newsletter:
  1. Primary School Trips
  2. Grade 4 Educational Excursion
  3. Grade 5 & 6 Trip
  4. Gr Rs visit Giyani Service Providers

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1) Primary School Trips
Our Grade 7 learners went all the way to the Magaliesberg on an educational trip and did a number of interesting in and around the site that they stayed at. Learners got to do a range of adventure activities involving team building, collaboration and problem solving. A great time was had by all who went on the tr

2) Grade 4 Educational Excursion
Our Gr. 4 educational trip went to Hoedspruit where they visited many sites that allowed them to interact in various ways with African wildlife. These interactions included feeding Jessica the Hippo, holding snakes at the Kinyonga Reptile Park and viewing many rescued endangered species at the Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation Centre. Our learners experienced many unique things on their trip and learned a lot about wild animals and the importance of conserving these incredible creatures

3) Grade 5 & 6 Trip
Our Grade 5 & 6 learners travelled to the northern escarpment where they visited numerous sites of interest. While learning about the history, nature, geography and culture of the area there was also time made to have fun in the pools of the Swadini resort.

4) Gr Rs visit Giyani Service Providers
Our Grade Rs enjoyed a wonderful day out when they went to visit a variety of service providers in the town. Their educational trip included visits to the police station, fire station and the dentist. Each visit provided wonderful insight for the children. They were able to learn all about each specific service and experienced first hand the wonderful men and women who are involved in these activities. After a busy morning the group ended their day with a tasty

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