Weekly Newsletter 20/05/2019

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  1. Practical & Concrete Learning
  2. Mixed Results at The King’s Court
  3. Confidence & Talent Abound
  4. Olympiads, Olympiads & More Olympiads

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1) Practical & Concrete Learning
On 17 May our Gr.10 physical science class visited the Giyani Water Treatment Plant. They are doing a formal project entitled: “Discuss the steps followed in the treatment of dam or river water for human consumption”. The presenters, who are also technicians, divided the learners into two groups and went through each step involved in water treatment patiently and articulately. The questions asked by the learners were relevant and suitable to assist them in the completion of their project. Our learners showed a high degree of discipline. Well done!

2) Mixed Results at The King’s Court
Our U15 and U19 soccer teams travelled to The King’s Court on Saturday 18 May to take part in an inter-school tournament. Five schools were participating in the competition. Our boys did very well winning their opening matches and making it all the way to the final in both age groups. Unfortunately neither team was able to win their final match and so finished runners-up in the tournament. Keep up the good play, boys!

3) Confidence & Talent Abound
A Talent Show was held in the Primary School on Friday 17 May. Learners from all grades were given an opportunity to show off their talents. Some learners strutted their stuff on the modelling ramp while others recited poetry or sang songs. All the efforts of the learners were well received by the encouraging audience.

4) Olympiads, Olympiads & More Olympiads
In the last few weeks many of our High School learners have done a variety of national subject Olympiads ranging from Accounting to Natural Science and from Computer Applications to Physical Science. Subject Olympiads provide and opportunity for learners to test their, knowledge, skill and abilities against some of the top learners in the country. Our Gr. 10 CAT learners performed excellently in the Computer Applications Olympiad achieving three gold, one silver and five bronze certificates. We now wait for the other results.

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