Weekly Newsletter 16/09/2019

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  1. Plant a Tree and Leave a Legacy
  2. U13 Soccer Champions
  3. Developing Creative Minds

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1) Plant a Tree and Leave a Legacy
Our planet is suffering serious stress at the moment largely due to the billions of people that are being sustained on our earth. Environmental destruction is resulting in the extinction of countless species and carbon emissions are causing unprecedented climate change. Planting trees is one small way in which we can do our part to counter the effects of climate change and to ensure that we leave our children with a healthy planet.

2) U13 Soccer Champions
Nyukani Primary School entered three teams into a soccer tournament held on Saturday 7 September. Our teams enjoyed mixed fortunes with the younger teams not quite making it to the finals. Our U13 boys did extremely well, however by winning all their matches and eventually also winning the final. We congratulate all our soccer players for the way they represented our school.

3) Developing Creative Minds
Young children are born with the gift of creativity. Their minds can imagine anything, but as time goes by, if this gift is not nurtured it may be lost. It is important therefore to give our children opportunities to develop their creativity. Creating with paint is one way to nurture creativity.

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