Weekly Newsletter 06/08/2018

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  1. Sprucing Up Our Pre-school
  2. Under 9 Soccer Fun
  3. Thinking About Our Future
  4. Practical Learning At Its Best

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1) Sprucing Up Our Pre-school
A wonderful morning of high energy, enthusiasm and hard work characterised the Nyukani Pre-school work day held on Saturday 4 August. A pleasing number of parents, staff and volunteers came along to provide a lending hand to spruce up our Pre-school playground. All manner of work including digging, scrubbing, lifting, carrying and painting was done to improve the playground for our youngsters. Thank you to all who helped make the day such a resounding success. Keep an eye out for the next work day to be held.

2) Under 9 Soccer Fun
Our U9 soccer players had great fun at a tournament at the Giyani Stadium on Saturday 4 August. This first experience in a soccer tournament was a wonderful learning opportunity for our young stars of tomorrow.

3) Thinking About Our Future
Our youngsters in the Foundation Phase are already expressing an interest in what they may one day wish to become. Based on the choices that appear to be on the list we have teachers, soldiers, firemen, actors and many more. Exploring various career opportunities is something that young people should start doing from an early age.

4) Practical Learning At Its Best
Our young learners are encouraged in practical ways to develop a concrete understanding of the concepts they need to build strong academic foundations. Here learners can be seen using numbers and letters to do sequencing and categorising.

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