Message from the Executive Head

South Africa is a country brimming with potential. Not only do we have a wealth of natural and mineral resources to grow our economy on, we also have astounding and abundant human resources. Sadly, as a country, we have not yet been able to fully grow and develop the vast human potential that lies largely dormant. The reason for this disappointing reality can be found in a public education system that has largely failed to provide young South Africans an education that will unlock the many opportunities that exist in our young democracy’s economy.

The concept of Nyukani Education Centre (NEC) is to provide high quality, relevant and affordable education to young people who come from marginalised, resource deprived communities. NEC Giyani was therefore purposely located on the outskirts of Giyani in what is essentially a highly under-resourced and under-serviced community.

NEC Giyani, after just 3 years in existence is already showing that young people, when given the opportunity to access high quality education, will excel and unlock opportunities that can only be accessed through education. NEC through its work and being accessible to under-resourced marginalised communities sees its role as a societal change agent. There is no doubt that the upward mobility of people is firmly dependant on the quality of education they have access to.

At NEC our intention is to prepare our young people to flourish in a world that is changing at a faster rate than ever before in the history of Humankind. The stark reality is that children starting school now will face a world that does not exist yet when they complete Grade 12 in 12 years’ time. So how does one prepare young people for a world that is ever changing? The answer lies not in teaching just facts and information but rather in developing specific skills, abilities and attributes that have been identified as essential success factors for the 21st Century learner. We therefore take our role of providing a very solid academic education very seriously, however, we see education as far broader than just academic. We know that the success of our young people beyond school is going to depend on a variety of other attributes, attitudes, dispositions and abilities. To this end we work hard at ensuring that our teachers include the development of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving in their teaching.

We live in exciting times and NEC has the potential to change society, one child at a time. Come and join us and help us be the change that we want to see in this beautiful country of ours. Invest in a bright future by providing your child with opportunities that will unlock their potential and provide them countless opportunities for a successful life.

Anthony De Boer

Executive Head