Message from the Chairperson

Nyukani Education Centre Giyani (Nyukani Giyani) is the latest addition to Tirhani Group Holdings’ (TGH) diverse portfolio of interests including auctioneering, aviation, construction,  funeral insurance, funeral services, logistics, properties, research, resources, technologies, training and skills development.  True to TGH’s tagline “Empowering Innovative Businesses”, the group’s business philosophy is predicated on the creation of new ideas or innovative enhancements of existing offerings.  While financial prosperity is a key determinant of TGH’s investments, socio-economic impact is a key driver; particularly job creation, poverty alleviation and reduction of inequality.  To this end, TGH’s investment in Nyukani Giyani is not an anomaly, but a strategic move to achieve socio-economic impact by offering futuristic quality education capable of producing competent, employable and productive scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs.  For this reason, it is not a coincidence that Nyukani Giyani will offer high quality primary and secondary education with a bias towards science, commerce and ICT streams.

Nyukani Giyani was deliberately established as a state of the art school with world-class educational infrastructure such as science laboratories, libraries, technological e-learning tools, as well as facilities for liberal arts and sporting activities.  Nyukani Giyani’s vision is to educate ingenious and creative pupils to do jobs which do not yet exist.  However, while emphasizing science, maths and technological education, Nyukani Giyani understands the importance of liberal arts in education, particularly the fact that “Play is a form of discovery, and it is how we begin to make sense of the world and discover our passions” as stated by Wagner.  Also, Nyukani Giyani is not naive to think that infrastructure and facilities are synonymous to quality education.  We know what it takes to deliver quality education and are geared to fulfil the intricately interwoven variables which impact on the delivery of quality education; including, but not limited to:

·         effective governance and management at both strategic and operational levels with qualified directors and principals;

·         the recruitment, retention and incentivization of dedicated educators;

·         adequate class sizes and optimum educator/learner ratios;

·         relevant content delivered through excellent instruction;

·         students hungry for knowledge who come to school prepared to learn, not to text; and

·         parents who are involved and demanding of their children’s education. 

True to our motto: “Laborare florere”, Latin for “Work hard and flourish”, Nyukani Giyani is very serious about the intervention it intends to make within the education space, and will only be associated with people who are industrious and as busy as bees.  To this end, Nyukani Giyani will strictly enforce compliance by all its stakeholders to its shared values of Continuous Improvement’ (Innovation and Creativity), ‘Industriousness/Balance’‘Integrity’ (Fairness, Honesty, Humility, Morality, Respect and Sincerity), ‘Professionalism’(Accountability, Consistency, Discipline, Efficiency, Punctuality, Quality and Responsibility), and ‘Community/Teamwork’.

I am particularly excited to be part of Nyukani Giyani’s groundbreaking development.  As a self-made first-generation entrepreneur, I am living proof that education has the power to change people’s lives.  The only regret regarding my life journey is that it has been one of struggle, self-discovery and self-taught learning. My personal journey is contrary to what Elvis Presley once said: “Most people who succeed had an early and favourable environment with much parental encouragement, excellent instructions, many opportunities to practice their particular natural skills, stimulating interactions and experiences with successful people”.  “Success is indeed a product of the world in which people grow up” as stated by Malcolm Gladwell.  Therefore, the establishment of a world-class educational facility like Nyukani Giyani in the remotest part of South Africa should make it possible for ordinary children from disadvantaged backgrounds to get a chance to escape the vicious circle of poverty.

Nyukani Giyani recognizes that in order to build a sustainable future, South Africa needs to cultivate a culture of hard-work, instead of the ‘lottery mentality’ where people live with the hope of striking it rich overnight, or the ‘welfare mentality’ where people expect handouts.  In today’s hyper-connected world, education is not an option but a necessity.  Nyukani Giyani has therefore been established to engage its pupils to live up to their intellectual or personal potential, to become the scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs of the world.

It is therefore my great pleasure and honour to present Nyukani Giyani; not only to the Greater Giyani community, but to Limpopo Province, to South Africa, to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), to the African continent, and to the entire world.

The future beckons.  Join us at Nyukani Giyani in preparing for it.

Tirhani Ezekiel Mabunda