About Us

Nyukani Education Centre Giyani is an independent school offering high quality primary and secondary education with a bias towards science, commerce and ICT streams. Nyukani Education Centre Giyani is a state of the art school with world-class educational facilities such as science laboratories, sporting and cultural facilities. Nyukani Education Centre Giyani uses technology and digital e-learning tools such as tablets in the delivery of education. Nyukani Education Centre Giyani is located between Giyani Section A and Giyani 14B, Greater Giyani Municipality, Mopani District, Limpopo Province, South Africa, and opened its doors in January 2016.


We offer futuristic quality education capable of producing competent, employable and productive scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs.


We produce excellent educational results by organizing and mobilizing physical and human resources, including:
  • World-class infrastructure and facilities.
  • Recruiting, retaining and incentivizing the best educators.
  • Adequate class sizes and optimum educator/learner ratios.
  • Effective governance and management using coherent policies, systems and processes.


Nyukani Education Centre is registered with the department of education EMIS NO : 994401103 for primary and EMIS NO: 994401104 for secondary.


We cultivate a culture that is conducive to the creation of the capacity and enthusiasm to achieve our articulated vision and mission among a critical mass of our stakeholders. Amongst others, the following values shape our culture. Read More Below.


  • White shield with black boundaries
  • Tree with green leaves, brown trunk and deep brown roots penetrating the earth/ground
  • Scroll at the bottom of the shield with gold lining
  • Motto inside the scroll written in Latin: “Laborare Florere” translating literally to “Work Hard and Flourish” in English
  • Half open book on the one side, and iPad on the other side on top of the shield with gold lining on the edges
  • A pen and stylus crossing on top of the half open book and iPad
  • A bee hovering over the half open book and iPad
  • Two silver foxes standing on both sides of the shield
  • “White/Silver” means cleanliness and purity
  • “Green” means growth and hope
  • “Brown” means strength and endurance
  • “Gold” means prosperity and abundance
  • “Black” means power and authority
  • “Tree” symbolizes new life sprouting out of the fertile soil
  • “Roots” symbolizes source of life and stability
  • “Fox” symbolizes wisdom and wit
  • “Bee” symbolizes sign of industriousness and creativity
  • “Book and iPad” symbolizes source of knowledge
  • “Pen/Stylus” symbolizes art of writing

We never stand still. We know that life is a never-ending adventure into the future. We strive for continuous improvement through our pioneering spirit of innovation and creativity.          

We are only as good as all of us together. We are rooted in our community because we know that we are nothing without the people who consistently and unconditionally support us. Our attitude is always friendly, supportive and caring. We subscribe to the African principle of Ubuntu which propagates that ‘I am because you are’.

We love what we do and we do it diligently. We are blessed with a great sense of fun. We play as hard as we work and know that laughter is the sweetest sound of all.

We are true and honest to ourselves because then we are true and honest to everybody. Our ethics and humility are the source of our morality and sincerity. We conduct ourselves in a fair, humble and polite manner to all our stakeholders (pupils, educators, parents, the community, government) because we know that respect is reciprocal.

We promise our stakeholders (pupils, educators, parents, the community, government) accountability, consistency, discipline, efficiency, punctuality, quality and responsibility. We do not tolerate shoddy and unprofessional work. We pay attention to detail because we know that it’s the little things that matter in life.